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Seattles Best Blend Ground Coffee 12oz 6ct
Seattles Best Blend offers a captivating aroma, sweet flavor and smooth finish. Our most popular (and award-winning) coffee. 6 12oz bags of ground coffee.Flav Nutty, SweetAroma: Rich, Hearty Acidity: Subtle Body: MediumWhenever you go in Seattle, you can always find good coffee. Some blends are so great you cannot seem to get enough. Seattles Best Blend, our award winning signature blend, is one of them. Its enticing, highly memorable aroma proves irresistible to many. It comes for m the perfect blend of Indonesian, Central, and South American coffees and is brought to life with a medium roast to bring out the inchnutty inch sweetness of the beans. Seattles Best Blend: a great name for our most popular coffee.Since 1970, Seattles Best Coffee has been roasting and blending specialty coffees for our own cafes. Our handcrafted coffees are made from the finest Arabica beans, sourced from a collection of family farms. We roast in small batches for a bold, smooth taste thats never bitter. Seattle is home to great coffee, but only one is Seattles Best Coffee.Social and environmental responsibility. Seattles Best Coffee is dedicated to protecting our environment and promoting sustainable farming methods. We have made a commitment to use shade-grown and bird-friendly coffees. Seattles Best Coffee continuously works to help improve the lives of coffee farmers and their families.