Crystal Mountain Glacier

Crystal Mountain water coolers are recognized around the world for their high quality, style and performance.

A global leader in manufacturing water dispensers, Crystal Mountain offers a variety of floor-standing and counter-top dispensers available for bottled water and Point-of-Use applications. Crystal Mountain prides itself on manufacturing high quality products specifically for the needs of the Home & Office Delivery and Point-of-Use companies. With an emphasis on continually improving manufacturing efficiency, streamlining processes and increasing our range, Crystal Mountain provides its customers with all of their water dispenser needs.

The Glacier Cooler is sophistication simplified. The rounded cabinet has a stylish fluted front, giving it a classic Greek column design. Features include approved food grade HDPE removable reservoir and the sealed Crystal Guard non-spill system. The Glacier is available in white or granite with an optional bottle cover and if desired, the DryGuard™ system can be fitted at the factory.

Features include:

  • DryGuard™ - Patented non-spill system
  • Epoxy coated aluminum evaporator band
  • One piece blow molded polyethylene cabinet
  • Tomlinson FDA approved self-closing faucets
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Free standing internal structure
  • Three coulor options - White, Granite and Black
  • Plastic (HDPE) cold water removable reservoir - Select models
  • #304 stainless steel cold water removable reservoir - Select models
  • #304 stainless steel hot tank - External mica heater band
  • Noise dampening technology - Compressor muffler system
  • Optional POU conversion kit in white, granite and black
  • Optional bottle cover in white