Oasis Point of Use Coolers

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Oasis "pure-on-demand" Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Coolers offer the highest qualify filtered water, hot or cold, 24 hours a day, and eliminate the hassle of storing and changing heavy bottles, or the waste of throwing away millions of disposable plastic bottles. These units are easily connected directly to your existing water lines. Many come with the environmentally friendly Oasis Green Filter® system, which will insure you always enjoy pure, clean, and great tasting refreshment.

The Oasis POUD1SHS Hot 'N Cold Point-of-Use Water Cooler is an incredible solid water cooler with a contemporary look that guarantees quality, reliability, and easy serviceability. The unit's stylish rounded front design and non-removable stainless steel reservoir make this unit a must have for any home or office. In addition, the POUD1SHS Hot 'N Cold is available in either bright white or black polyethylene cabinet which won't dent or rust.

Oasis is the recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Point-of-Use Water Coolers. Like all Oasis water coolers, Point-of-Use coolers are specifically designed and manufactured to be durable, easy to service and clean for a pure drinking experience.

Point-of-Use Water Coolers eliminate such hassles of montly water delivery bills, water storage problems, sore backs from lifting water bottles, spilled water from dumping water bottles, and the risk of running out of water just when you need it. In addition, a bottleless water cooler can easily be connected to your reverse osmosis system which will give you bottle water quality water. You may also connect your POU to your filtered water system which allows you to retain the minerals in your water. If you are satisfied with the taste and quality of your tap water, simply connect your POU directly to your home or office water system!

Features include:

  • Stylish, rounded front, contemporary design
  • Non-removable 300 Series stainless steel reservoir
  • Dual float system with built-in safety float to prevent overflowing
  • Bright white or black polyethylene cabinet won't dent or rust
  • 2 piece hot tank easy to service
  • Tough, durable, large drip tray
  • Handle on back enables easy transport and placement
  • Available in Cook N' Cold™ and Hot N' Cold™
  • 3-year limited warranty