Have You Ever Tasted Water?

Use bottled water for coffee, tea, juice, soups...just about anything can taste better when made with Evans Natural Spring Water!

Allegheny Mountains

We're willing to bet you haven't - that's unless you've tasted water from Evans Natural Spring. It's really good, clean, pure water that is cool and refreshing, and better for your health and your family's, too.

Our Spring is way up on the mountainside near Gratz, Pennsylvania. Early settlers named it Indian Trail Spring, a native American watering stop on the Tulpehocken Path to Sunbury and now listed on the State Register of Historic Places.

You're welcome to take a nice leisurely drive through the beautiful countryside to see a babbling brook cascading down the mountain. But don't expect to see a babbling brook cascading down the mountain. Sorry. That's because its underground where it was put several years ago to protect it from contaminants.

How We Protect Our Water From Contaminants

We dug down about 30 feet in about 60 foot diameter around the Spring to where the fresh water bubbles right out of the sandstone. We put a protective (GeoTextile) liner over the stone and filled the hole with sanitized marble chips to create a reservoir. Then, we covered it with another protective liner, put the earth back on top and planted grass. It's a pretty place for a picnic, but you can't get a drink. If you're thirsty, you'll need to walk back down the mountainside to the reservoir's overflow next to our Storage Silo. The spring water is piped down to our electronic Control center where it flows under ultraviolet light and through .1 micron mesh filtration. Then, the sanitized water is stored in a huge stainless steel holding tank awaiting pick up by our sanitized stainless steel tanker trucks for transportation to the bottling plant.

From the Spring to the Bottle

At the Plant near Sunbury which you are also invited to tour, the water is prepared for bottling and put through yet another filter, this time to .35 microns to guard against anything which would lessen the purity of our water. We again sanitize the water and then fill the sanitized bottles under strict quality control conditions. We even distill the spring water here in a Hepa-filtered atmosphere to meet U.S. Pharmacopeia requirements for use in hospital and research laboratories.

Next stop: your place, delivered right to your door, by our friendly, on-time crew.

How We Maintain the Highest Standard for Evans Natural Spring Water

Through this whole process from Spring to bottle, the water is not touched even by air until it comes out of the spigot from your kitchen or office. It's that clean and pure. In fact, our Spring protection technology is considered state of the art in our industry.

We have always maintained the highest standards. We continually test our water for much more than is required by the State regulations. For the record, we use the strict International Bottled Water Association's guidelines and test to the analytical requirements of Appendix B of the National Sanitation Foundations Guide. This assures you that you are getting only the very best nature and modern science have to offer. Our water is naturally soft. We like our water pure, plain, and simple.

So, in you want a crisp refreshing beverage with a unique taste that may be a totally new experience for you, we suggest you try water from Evans Natural Spring.