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A complete variety of selections ranging from gourmet coffee to specialty beverages: cappuccinos, lattes, mochaccinos and more!

The Eccellenza Touch is equipped with a high-definition, user-friendly 10.1" touchscreen that simplifies the beverage selection process. It offers a wide variety of specialty beverages, as well as the freshest cup of coffee possible – in three cup sizes and three brewing strengths. The Eccellenza Touch offers something for even the most sophisticated coffee drinkers.

VKI Eccellenza Touch Coffee Brewer
  • Dimensions: 28.0" H x 20.0" W x 20.25" D
  • Weight: 79.2 lbs
  • Cup Sizes: 8-oz, 10-oz, 12-oz
  • Water Supply: Plumbed 3/4" STD hose connection or pump and bottled water system
  • Electrical:1300 Watts, 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz
  • Recommended Population: 50-150 people
Do You Have The Touch?

VKI Eccellenza Touch

We'd like to introduce to you the first gourmet brewer of its kind: The Eccellenza Touch. This revolutionary, new brewer alleviates mess and clean up, while providing users with a top notch coffee experience thanks to its top-of-the line features.

Welcome to the Eccellenza Touch, a revolutionary new brewing system. The Eccellenza Touch features a 10.1 inch touch screen that can be used for brew selection and for advertising and communication and wifi interface to allow you to easily access equipment data and status remotely. It backs up its advanced technology with an impressive brew variety with 12 selections for light and dark coffee and 18 selections of dark and decaf as well as hot water dispense and 3 brew strengths and cup sizes to bring the premium coffee experience to your workplace.


  • Large Beverage Varieties: 12 Selections (light and dark coffee) 18 Selections (dark and decaf coffee)
  • Hot water
  • 3 Strengths and 3 Cup Sizes
  • 10.1" Interactive Touchscreen - Intuitive selection process and can be used for advertising or communication
  • Waste Free - No paper filter is required and coffee is compostable
  • Simple Setup and Configuration
  • Intelligent On-Board System Diagnostics
  • Integrated Dashboard for consumption/sales data, beverage counters, etc.
  • Wireless feature, screen customization, vending – coming soon!
Download The VKI Eccellenza Touch Brochure

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