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Bean To Cup Coffee

Create custom, coffee shop beverage experiences with the touch of a button. Brew freshly ground coffee combined with cutting-edge technology that's simple to use.


Cafection Bean To Cup Cup Coffee


It's All About Taste.

At Cafection, we strive to deliver nothing less than a perfect cup of coffee, anywhere, at anytime. That is why every day, we work to build the greatest coffee experience, starting with fresh coffee perfectly ground using the highest quality burr grinder and brewed through a French press design. Our machines' customizable beverage options help you create the best taste possible!

Cafection is all about innovation, technology and manufacturing top quality coffee machines that will stand the test of time while keeping the most important aspect of the original bean to cup brewer: delivering nothing less than a perfect cup of coffee.

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De Jong Duke

De Jong Duke Bean To Cup Coffee


Beans, Hot Water and Unrivaled Selections.

De Jong Duke office coffee & espresso machines don't just make a better cup of coffee -- they reduce waste and costs by eliminating the need for individual coffee pods. Just have Evans Coffee deliver your favorite whole-bean coffee, then use the interactive touchscreen to choose your beverage; the De Jong brewer does the rest! Fresh ground, premium coffee or espresso in a matter of minutes. Over time, using this whole-bean coffee machine (versus a single-serve brewer) can provide significant cost savings.

Make fresh espresso, coffee, cappuccino, cafe au lait, mocha and more -- all with a choice of both cup size and coffee strength. Plus, the interactive touchscreen allows for custom beverage configurations and displays, creating a truly unique solution for company breakrooms. Upload company announcements, ads or logos so your team can stay up-to-date while the machine grinds and brews their espresso -- it's all possible with De Jong Duke!

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Starbucks Bean To Cup Coffee


The ultimate choice in high-end, personalized coffee.

Starbucks has become a household name when it comes to coffee; their brand completely redefined what it means to provide a personalized beverage. Quick brew times, two cup sizes and a plethora of flavors and varieties give the single-cup coffee makers from Starbucks an excellent choice.

Adding a Starbucks Bean To Cup Brewer is like hiring an in-office barista for your break room. It is digital, sleek and hassle-free. Plus, it produces a unique beverage made-to-order every time. This single-cup coffee maker will never disappoint.

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VKI Bean To Cup Coffee


Never leave the office for sophisticated, high-end coffee.

We'd like to introduce to you the first gourmet brewer of its kind: The Eccellenza Touch. This revolutionary, new brewer alleviates mess and clean up, while providing users with a top notch coffee experience thanks to its top-of-the line features.

Operating this machine can be done with ease thanks to its 10.1" high-definition touchscreen that simplifies the beverage selection process. The Eccellenza Touch offers a wife variety of specialty beverages, as well as the freshest cup of coffee possible (in three cup sizes AND three brewing strengths).

This brewer is the perfect combination of sophistication and convenience. The Eccellenza Touch will not leave even the most sophisticated of coffee drinkers disappointed with their cup of joe.

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